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Routing #: 281277364

Halloween Party Hacks

tray of halloween candies and cookies looking festive

Are you tired of experiencing the same Halloween parties over and over — and spending a lot on them?    You might have searched here and there to find budget-friendly Halloween ideas, but you don’t have any luck. If you see something that interests you, it might be so expensive that you have to put […]

3 ways to save on back to school expenses

school supplies arranged artistically

“The second busiest retail season of the year, next to holiday shopping.” That’s what one National Retail Federation report had to say, noting that back-to-school expenses would hit a record high for the 2021-2022 school year, averaging $789.49 per child. That’s up from the average of $696.70 last year.   If that number gives you […]

The Stimulus – Round 4

stack of 20 dollar bills and an hourglass with black sand

Will there be a fourth stimulus check sent out?   A group of lawmakers is starting to call for the fourth round of stimulus checks, just as the final payments from the third round are starting to hit mailboxes.   On March 30th, a few U.S. Senators wrote a letter asking President Biden to consider […]

Why is everything so much more expensive than it was a year ago?

7-11 gas station at dusk

Houses. Cars. Gas. Why is everything so much more expensive than it was a year ago?   If you think you’re spending more on things like gas and food than you were at this time last year, you’re right. That’s because we seem to be reopening to a more expensive economy than the one that […]

Don’t let Amazon become Scam-azon

person delivering brown box package on doorstep

“There’s something wrong with your Amazon account.” It could be a suspicious purchase, a lost package, or an order they can’t fulfill. If you’ve received one of these calls and hung up, you did the right thing. Spam calls are running rampant right now from scammers pretending to be companies like Amazon and Apple trying […]

Five ways you can spring clean and make money

vases and glassware on a table with price stickers at a yard sale

While your idea of fun probably isn’t cleaning out the garage, closets, and kitchen all weekend spring cleaning, as the weather warms up, can be shockingly refreshing. Not to mention, you could also make some money in the process and find some cool stuff.   Did you know 78% of people get into spring cleaning […]

Why couples fight over money, and how to prevent it

young couple putting money into a piggy bank

A recent survey of nearly 1,000 couples who are married, engaged, or in a relationship found nearly 75% said they had gotten mad at their partner because of a financial decision they made without talking about it first. The majority of those decisions were a big-ticket purchase made without discussing it first. Other financial decisions […]

Your Credit Score and How You Can Improve It

a gauge from red to green showing credit score

Maybe you’ve applied for a loan in the past and the loan officer gives you your credit score. It may be high, it may be low, but you’ve probably wondered how exactly is it measured?   First, credit scores are usually used to differentiate the likelihood that you will pay back a loan, or not. […]

What is Credit Disability Insurance? Do You Need It?

young couple signing an insurance document

If you’ve ever applied for a loan, there’s a good chance you’ve been asked about adding credit life or credit disability insurance to your loan. Your response? “No thanks.” In some cases, you don’t need it. But in some cases, it’s worth a second look.   Before you can decide if it’s right for you, […]

Expensive car repairs: Fix it or trade it?

Every time your dashboard lights up with a mechanical failure, your mind instantly wonders, “what’s wrong this time?” Your next thought is realizing that you have to decide — repair it or not. Depending on the age of your car, what you paid for your car versus what it’s worth now, and the type of […]

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