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Online banking

What activities can I do?

You can perform account inquiries (including balances and additional information), view account history and transfer funds between accounts. All of your available options are listed on the left or top menus.

Why do I get a confirmation number when I make a transfer?

Confirmation numbers are provided for all confirmed or modified transfers. This is your assurance that a transfer will be processed. It is also a reference number that can be used for requesting research.

What can I see on account inquiries?

You can see your current balance, as well as some general information. This information varies depending on the type of accounts you have. You may see the maturity date of a CD or the interest rate of a savings account.

Do I have to re-enter transfers each month?

You can set up automatic transfers of the same amount so you do not have to re-enter them each month.

What kinds of transfers can I make?

Three kinds of transfers are available:

  • Immediate: A transfer that is attempted immediately.
  • One-time: A transfer that is made on the date you specify.
  • Automatic: A recurring transfer that occurs at your specified frequency as many times as you indicate.

Is there a cut-off time for me to delete or change a transfer?

You can review, change or cancel a transfer at any time. If the transfer is scheduled for the current day, the change or cancellation must be done before daily settlement time (2PM Eastern Time). The system displays an error message if you attempt to modify a transfer after this deadline has passed.

Do transfers always occur on the day or date I designate?

One-time transfers always occur on the date you designate. Recurring transfers are scheduled transfers set up to happen on the same day or date each month (for example: the 15th of every month). If one of these recurring dates falls on a non-business day (such as a weekend or Federal holiday), the transfer is processed on the preceding business day.

Is there a way to see previous transfers?

Transfer history is retained for 18 months. You may search for past transfers by using one or a combination of the following:

  • To/From account number
  • Transfer date
  • Transfer amount
  • Confirmation number

How far in advance can I set up a transfer?

You may set up a one-time or automatic transfer as much as 18 months in advance.

How will I know if an automatic transfer instruction has expired?

You will receive a Final Transfer secure message notifying you that the last scheduled transfer has been processed. You can reschedule your transfer if you wish to continue it.

What kinds of accounts allow transfer activity?

Allowed transfers may vary based on the rules for your account types. Some transfers are not allowed, such as a transfer to or from a CD.

How do I change my security code?

Select Change Security Code/Password from the menu. Enter your old security code and the new one. You are required to enter the new code/password twice for verification.

How do I send a secure message to Customer Service?

When you select Compose New Mail from the menu, a Send To drop-down selection is presented. Select the appropriate recipient and click the Create Message button.

What are the system Requirements for my security code/password?

The security code/password is required to be 8 alphanumeric characters, with a minimum of 2 letters and 2 numbers. Special characters are not allowed. We recommend that you change your security code/password regularly.

Can I send a secure message to one of my merchant/payees?

No, you may only send a secure message to us.

How can I change my Log-on ID?

You may change your Log-on ID at any time when logged on by selecting Change Log-on ID on the menu.

Can I receive an email to let me know that the system has sent me a secure message?

To indicate when you want to receive an email, select Personal Information, Alerts. On this screen, you can choose which incidents should generate an email.

What are the system requirements for my Log-on ID?

The minimum number of characters in the Log-on ID is 6. The maximum number of characters is 50. The valid characters for your Log-on ID are:

  • A to Z
  • Period (.)
  • 0 to 9
  • Dash (-)
  • At-sign (@)
  • Underscore (_)

Can I download transactions to my Personal Financial Manager software (such as Quicken™, Microsoft Money™ or Microsoft Excel™)?

Yes, the system has an Export feature.


What is an eStatement?

An eStatement is an electronic version of your paper statement delivered via our secure website. The statement looks just like the one you receive in the mail, but it will be available inside Virtual Branch to review and print.

I know my password and can log into Virtual Branch but I still cannot see the eStatement site?

 Make sure your pop-up blocker is turned off for the eStatements site, or add https://www.netit.financialnet.com/myuccu/cgi-bin/ebs to your list of allowed sites

Are eStatements safe?

Absolutely! In fact, your eStatement may even be safer than a paper copy because there is less chance of it being stolen or lost in the mail! eStatements will never be emailed to you. Instead, they will require your secure Virtual Branch login.

How will I know when my eStatement is ready?

Once signed up, you will receive an email notifying you when your statement is ready. Simply click on the link in the email and it will take you to Virtual Branch.

To ensure receipt of your email notice, make sure you keep your email address current within eStatements, as well as the email address in Virtual Branch. Your email address can be easily updated in the “Profile” section of eStatements.

Why would I want an eStatement?

When you sign up for eStatements, you’ll enjoy safety, timeliness and convenience.

  • eStatements are more secure than paper statements, because you reduce the risks that your statements are lost or stolen in the mail.
  • You’ll receive your statement faster—with no more waiting for the mail to arrive.
  • You’ll eliminate the storage hassles of traditional paper statements. You can choose to print your statement or just save a copy on your computer.

After signing up, how long will it take to receive my first statement?

If you signed up for eStatements at least two days before the end of the month, you will receive your first statement on the first of the month; otherwise you will have to wait for the following month. Note: Members who receive quarterly statements will see their first statement at quarter-end.

Do I have to be a registered Virtual Branch User to enroll for eStatements?

Yes. For your security, eStatements are located inside Virtual Branch. If you don’t have a sign in to Virtual Branch then please contact the credit union and we will assist you.

Can I sign up for eStatements if I am the joint owner on an account?

Yes. If you are a joint owner on an account and can view the statement in Virtual Branch you can sign up for eStatements for that account. Please note: If both account owners are registered Virtual Branch users, both Virtual Branch owners can access the eStatement. However, only one owner will be notified via email when the eStatement is ready.

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