Time For A Payment Trim!

person trimming their hedges

Time For A Payment Trim!

Spring and early summer are times of growth and new beginnings. But it also means it’s time to do some serious work.


Like a lawn unattended, your car payment can get out of control. You trim the bushes, the hedges, your grass, so why not your car payment?


That’s right! Trim your old car payment from some other lender by moving your loan to UCCU. You’ll save up to 2.00% APR* and leave with a smaller, well-manicured payment.

*Annual Percentage Rate. Approved rate will be up to 2.00% APR less than member’s current external auto loan rate. New rate cannot be lower than UCCU’s 2.74% APR minimum floor rate. Members must meet loan qualifying criteria. All auto loans are subject to credit approval. Loans financed through dealer or manufacturer at 0.00% are ineligible. UCCU reserves the right to extend, alter, or cancel this promotion at any time. Proof of current, external rate required. See credit union for more details. Federally insured by NCUA.